Why not give it a try? CelticSMR is offering trials of the ASA MLS Class IV Laser

CelticSMR is pleased to provide the MLS Class IV laser therapy system from ASA. 


There has been substantial increase in use of this system across the UK, due to the advanced pulsed effect, providing effective treatment without a dangerous increase of heat in the tissue.


Laser therapy can be used to help manage a number of conditions that are commonly seen in equine practice, including arthritis, muscular back pain, oedema, tendonitis and tendon tears and wound management. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of laser therapy can be seen quickly and there is no withdrawal period, making laser ideal for use in competition horses.


‘’The move to more powerful class IV systems enable a much reduced treatment time and greater results in a wider range of conditions.’’ Comments John Rushby of CelticSMR ‘’The ASA system utilises pulsed emissions, allowing heat dissipation between pulses, avoiding tissue overheating. This makes it one of the safest class IV lasers on the market.’’



CelticSMR is offering two week trials of the MLS Class IV laser - to see how it could benefit your practice, call 01646 603150.