Kensington Protective Fly Sheet from Shadow Horse with Surefit Technology

Kensington are a family-owned, well-established U.S. market leader in horse clothing and available exclusively in the UK from Shadow Horse.


They take pride in designing well-fitting, extremely robust effective products.

Kensington use US-manufactured Textilene® mesh for all their fly protection products. This is a highly robust fabric which uses polyester fibres coated with PVC woven to a density of 1000 x 2000 denier making it virtually rip/tear proof. As well as providing excellent protection against biting insects, it blocks 73% of UV rays protecting against sun damage.

Surefit is tailored to fit a wide range of horses. It moulds to the horse's shape, and is specially designed to avoid rubbing. The stiff properties of the fabric and its ergonomic design make it “stand-off” the horse giving it amazing breathability coupled with low heat transference which ensures a seriously cool horse.


Prevention is the key to the sweet itch problem so making sure the horse is covered before the midge biting season prevails can help this miserable syndrome. The Kensington Protective Fly sheet from Shadow Horse is perfect to protect your horse from flies, midges and sun making this a summer winner!