Blue Chip Dynamic

Blue Chip Dynamic is Blue Chip Feed’s bestselling pelleted joint and bone supplement, which has been specifically formulated to facilitate optimal bone development and support the maintenance of the joints and surrounding tissues.


Dynamic contains Glucosamine HCL to promote cartilage metabolism, maintain a healthy joint capsule and the assist in the formation of synovial fluid to lubricate the joint and protect them from daily wear and tear. Also included is an organic, bio-available form of MSM, which provides the building blocks for protein and is vital for muscle recovery and tendon and ligament repair. Blue Chip Dynamic incorporates a bone supplement into its formulation, which contains organic manganese, calcium and phosphorus to ensure the formation of strong, dense bone as well as silicon, which is a vital factor in the efficient utilisation of calcium. Blue Chip Dynamic has proved to be invaluable to growing young stock, producing sound, healthy individuals, and it is equally popular for those competing at higher levels who want to protect their horses’ joints.

As with all Blue Chip products, Dynamic is both whole-cereal and molasses free, keeping starch and sugar levels low whilst also providing specifically balanced levels of high quality vitamins, minerals and nutrients to promote all round health and well-being.


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