Equinosis interface Equinosis interface

Objectively measure lameness with new Equinosis Q™

Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment has launched the Equinosis Q™ with Lameness Locator® software, in UK. This is a body mounted inertial sensor system that is used to objectively detect and evaluate lameness in horses.

It is based on extensive research and is currently used by more than 200 practices and 50 universities around the world. It can be used on all types of horses and ponies examined in the field or in hospital settings.

The inertial sensors sample 20x faster than the human eye making the Equinosis Q™ a valuable tool to the veterinarian in the evaluation of subtle and multiple limb lameness. It does not interfere with the routine lameness examination as trot up on straight line, lunging and ridden evaluations can be performed on both hard and soft surfaces.

Data is wirelessly streamed to a tablet PC and compiled into a reader-friendly report displaying the timing and severity of lameness. The effectiveness of diagnostic blocks can also be assessed with the Equinosis Q™, providing the veterinarian with a percentage of improvement. In addition, comparison reports can be used to monitor rehabilitation progress.

The Equinosis Q™ with Lameness Locator® software is a diagnostic tool that can further aid the subjective lameness evaluation performed by veterinarians.

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