LamiGel A new Hydration and Nutrition system formulated for horses with special dietary needs

The new innovative products EquidGel and now the new LamiGel are gaining momentum and proving to be an unstoppable force…

EquidGel the revolutionary hydration and nutrition delivery system (GB and International PCT Patent Pending) was launched during the prestigious BETA international trade fair in Feb 2014. However LamiGel is set to be highlighted at the 2015 event. It will be showcased in the New Product Gallery and also entered into the Innovation Awards.

EquidGel has proved very popular with sport horses in all disciplines, especially Endurance, with its hyper hydration properties and good quality fibre. Although it supports the hydration status of all horse, the nutrient content may be too much for horses with specific dietary need such as Laminitics and other metabolic disorders. Therefore we have formulated LamiGel to enable this group of horses to benefit from the hydrating properties of LamiGel without the calories.

What makes LamiGel different?

LamiGel is based on the same hyper hydration principal as EquidGel; however it contains much fewer calories and very low levels of sugar and starch. LamiGel is 95% fibre with only 50% Alfalfa and less than 3 % sugar. It provides all the essential vitamins and minerals and good quality omega 3 oil for energy. LamiGel is the only complete feed that hydrates and helps the cells within the body to function more efficiently.

How does it work?

LamiGel is a highly palatable and nutritious Alfalfa based feed, however it is in the form of a drink, therefore appealing to the horses very powerful, natural instinct to forage rather than the thirst mechanism, which is a regulatory response which may or may not be switched on. Because the formation retains the water within the gel for much longer, this allows the water to be transported further along the digestive system into the hindgut so that the horse has a ‘reservoir’ of water to call upon when required.

Is LamiGel a feed or a supplement?

Because most Laminitics horses are very restricted when it comes to feed, there is very little feed that can be fed to these types of horse as the calorie/sugar/starch content is usually too high. LamiGel is feed that contains only good quality forage and a high level of non GM Omega-3 Oil, it can replace all carbohydrates (grain) in a ration, which are the major culprits that cause digestive and metabolic disorders. Because these type of horses are usually on no or very little exercise, LamiGel provides the horse with good quality energy from the hindgut and from the oil which a horse can utilize for energy very efficiently with relatively no calories, therefore more feed can be fed to satisfy the needs of these horses without having to starve them.

What are the benefits of LamiGel?

LamiGel has the potential to be of major benefit to horses in the following areas: 

• LamiGel may have the beneficial effect of reducing excitable behaviour and helping to promote regulation of some metabolic disorders due to the very low sugar/starch content < 3% and high fibre >95%. It has also been documented that the soluble fibre gel may also form a barrier between the contents of the stomach and the gut wall reducing the absorption rate of carbohydrates into the blood stream.

• Horses that have been neglected and suffering from dehydration and malnutrition – LamiGel provides a highly palatable, easily digestibility meal to a horse that may have a compromised digestive system. LamiGel is a fibre based feed which contains a high level of Omega-3 oil which increases the energy density of the feed to provide slow release energy and good quality protein to help rebuild lost muscle tissue. The storage of excess fat increase body condition, promotes a healthy coat and hooves. LamiGel may be a helpful tool in the rehabilitation of equines and possibly has a use in the veterinary practices before and after elective surgery procedures because of the small particle size and the increased volume of water, impaction colic is less likely to occur.

• Horses travelling long distances - LamiGel could be an efficient, labour saving method of providing horses such as these with simultaneous hydration and nutrition on demand allowing them to obtain slow release, non heating energy to enable them to stand for long periods. The soluble fibre formed allows more water and good quality fibre to reach the hindgut and to provide a constant release of nutrients and water to replenish that used during the journey allowing the horse to arrive seemingly fresh with vitality and requires very little recovery in addition to being well hydrated throughout the journey.

LamiGel is set to become a valuable tool in the management of horses by allowing owners, veterinarians and organisations to provide not only a high level of fibre based nutrition but to enable them to deliver hydration whenever horses in their care require it.

The launch of LamiGel at BETA 2015 will enable trials to be carried out, as samples will be provided to some major organisations and veterinarians throughout the UK and Ireland. Trials for LamiGel can be ordered by email, or via Facebook. Be sure to ‘like’ the EquidGel page to get the latest updates, information and interactive feedback.


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