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New way to worm all weights from Zoetis

Larger horses can now be wormed much more conveniently thanks to an innovative, larger syringe from Zoetis. Equest and Equest Pramox are both now available in cleverly designed 700kg syringe doses, providing easy-grip, flexibile and accurate worming, whether treating Shetlands or Shires.

Horses appear to be getting bigger, with many now weighing over 575kg, which was the maximum dose for old syringes. Under-dosing is a cause of resistance so it is important to treat horses accurately according to weight, to maintain the effectiveness of the wormers currently available.

Wendy Talbot, Vet at Zoetis said: “Worming larger horses often meant the inconvenience of two syringe insertions for these horses, or risking under-dosing. The new, 700kg syringes are suitable for horses great and small but especially make it easier and more cost-effective to worm larger horses accurately with just one application.”

The new syringe is ergonomically designed to be used one-handed with a good, safe grip. The syringe barrel is short and wide for easier handling, even for those with smaller hands and the dial-a-dose calibration in 25kg increments ensures accurate dosing according to weight. The design has already been highly rated by horse owners.1

Penny McCann, Equine Product Manager at Zoetis, continued: “We are delighted to bring a new, larger syringe to market, to treat a broader weight range of horses. We have also re-engineered the syringe design. The barrel is wider and the tube and plunger shorter to improve the horse owner experience when dosing. We surveyed 111 horse owners, across Europe and 88% agreed that the new syringe is a comfortable fit in their hand. It’s immensely satisfying to have the opportunity improve the practicality and customer experience of our well-known and popular brands Equest and Equest Pramox.”

EQUEST is an oral gel containing moxidectin for single dose control of roundworms - including encysted larval stages of small redworms, and bots. Equest Pramox is an oral gel containing moxidectin and praziquantel for single dose control of all three species of tapeworm, roundworms - including encysted larval stages of small redworms, and bots. Equest and Equest Pramox are licensed for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating mares and have been shown not to adversely affect the fertility of mares2,3. Equest and Equest Pramox are the only equine wormers to contain moxidectin, providing comprehensive worm control and the longest dosing interval (13 weeks) of any equine wormer currently available2,3.

The new 700kg syringe is supported by eye-catching prescriber materials and a comprehensive media campaign. For further information please contact your Zoetis Account Manager.

1. Zoetis User Acceptance Survey 2013.

2. EQUEST 18.92 mg/g Oral Gel (moxidectin) Data Sheet, December 2013

3. EQUEST PRAMOX Oral Gel (moxidectin & praziquantel) Data Sheet, December 2013


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