• 16 January 2013

Spillers Cool Mix

The newly formulated Spillers Cool Mix is now cooler than ever before, to help encourage the positive behaviour wanted from horses when out and about this winter. According to the company, the newly formulation has even more carefully controlled levels of starch to help keep horses chilled.  

The special non-heating formulation also contains soya oil and includes magnesium, which is known for its calming properties, to provide the perfect balance between safe energy, control, and condition.

Clare Barfoot, research and development manager for Spillers, told VSM: "It's especially difficult for riders during this time of year to find the balance between providing their horse with enough energy and condition while keeping them cool, calm, and enjoyable to ride. Choosing a non-heating product with controlled starch levels, together with added magnesium should help you reduce the risk of unwanted excitability."



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