• 07 February 2017

Tangled Horse Set Free

A horse that had become tangled in wire in Wirral was rescued by the RSPCA.


A member of the public raised the alarm after they had spotted that the horse unable to move properly, on Tuesday morning last week after driving past the land on Arrowe Park Road, Upton.

The Piebald Cob had become completely entangled in a fence line and was found by RSPCA Wirral Inspector Anthony Joynes.

Inspector Joynes said: “We managed to secure the horse with a headcollar and lead rope and offered him some food to distract him whilst myself and the farmer slowly began to cut away at the wire.

“We successfully released him and a vet has attended to treat a wound caused by the wire.”

He was helped by veterinary staff from Upton vets, local farmers and two workers from a nearby electric pipe works to release the horse from the wire it had become entangled in.

Inspector Joynes said it was important horse owners checked on their animals and fencing every day.


He added: “Fencing could easily have become damaged and not fit for purpose given all the wet, windy weather we have had recently.”