evpn about us


Equine Veterinary Product News, the web/digital resource for the UK equine veterinary community. EVPN is unique, in that it exclusively targets equine practices, equine vets, and practices with an equine sector. The magazine is focused on bringing together the latest information and insights into products and services that are relevant to, and of interest to a niche group. Packaged in a range of digital formats, EVPN can be accessed on the move, allowing equine vets to keep their fingers on the pulse, in clinic, on calls, and in the field.

The equine veterinary sector is fast moving, and demanding. Horse owners are educated, passionate, and keen to embrace the latest tools and techniques to ensure the health and well being of their animals. It is essential that equine vets are up to date with the very latest research and developments, and EVPN is committed to providing the very latest updates, as they happen.


We do this in several ways;

- Publishing news about products and services

- Including quality editorial in every issue, contributed by vets and industry experts, covering equine health and welfare issues, and discussing the protocols, techniques and treatments that address these issues

- Calling upon a panel of vets to reviews/report on the tools of the trade.


EVPN is unafraid of contentious topics, eager to address industry issues, and always aims to provoke thought and discussion. Active social media channels encourage debate and discussion and allow readers to engage directly with the organisations and suppliers that matter to them.